Nova hair straightener and curler



Today I’m going to discuss about hair straightener and curler. I have bought this hair straightener cum curler machine online from Amazon.

Seriously it’s my point of view related to this product is , I will never buy this product.  This is like I have waste my 350 rs  . When I first use this product , I was not able to straight or even curl my hair . It’s better to save money and invest on good straighting machine like v and g , Philips , vega etc.


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Random thoughts

This is something funny. When I am alone , I use to think a lot😄 . There are lot things that continously runs  in my mind . I dont know why?

This happens only when I am alone. With this I use to talk to myself ( lol).I dont know whether this happens with other people also or not.

Even I stand in front of mirror and start talking😬. But I enjoy being like this , I’m spending time with me , knowing me better. 😯






We all are running hectic life , the reason is money . Sometimes I ask  from god , why me ??

I know human satisfaction has no limit. But somehow until you reach your desire level , your mind will not get stable.  You will keep thinking .

In the middle of this we don’t think that we are loosing ourself.  Yes , I also want to earn money and want to get successful soon but everything takes time . But I don’t want to loose that charm .

If you are an Indian that you must be knowing that salman khan movie: kick, yes this kick is important in our life .

Enjoy life , earn money but don’t loose that charm of you .

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Sad mood

Screenshot_2018-03-08-12-40-19-1If you are  in a  sad or bad mood , you can try these tips . 

● MUSIC-  listen music  according to your preference . It will divert your mind . I usually listen punjabi songs when I’m in a bad mood

● Work – Engage yourself in some work .( cleaning home , decorating home , surfing Google )

● Fun activities – you can Google for funny videos . That will make your mood little better.

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How to get crystal clear skin?

Are you searching for getting crystal clear skin .

Here are some of the following remedies :

● Drink coconut water daily

● Apply atleast twice a week soothing face packs which suits your skin like – aloe vera , turmeric and besan , papaya face packs .

● Drink water guys as much as you can

● Take vitamin c – you can have strawberry, orange juice




If you are sitting at home and there is no work to do then , these things happend-:

•  looking at mirror –

1.  omg, I have big nose or small nose or unshape nose .

2.  I have so many blackheads . How should I remove it ? Let me check youtube

3.  I should change eyebrow shape 😄


• Talking to ourself:

1. That day what happened,  who said what? . Thinking over and over and irrelevantly .

2. Why my life is like this ? Why

I’m not saying that everyone does same like this . But most of the people do. It’s just message to convey that  enjoy every single day of life . Don’t over think . Just enjoy being you .