Is it really hard to make money online ?

Thousands of people searching how to make money online .  I see videos on youtube that people says earn money in 5 mins , you can earn 50 $ or 100$ . Seriously this scam , fake videos burst my mind because who are really in need,  search for online jobs but these fake videos and fraud online companies broke all trust . I have searched lot and lot many sites from where we can   earn real  money. Here are some sites:


2. Clicksense . Com

3. Global market. Com

4.  Freelancer

5. I panel place

6. Adsense

7. Affiliate marketing

8. Blogging

9. Article writing

There are some trusted sites where you can work online . But remember there is no site in real which can make you rich in a day.  It really  requires hard + smart work to earn money online .

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Get rid of periods pain

Pain in periods is quiet common . Pain generally felt in stomach, legs and back. If you want fast relief then you can try some home remedies.

1.  Drink coffee or tea.

2.  Place hot water bottle on your stomach and back or you can use heating pad as                   well.

3.  Try to take healthy diet as much possible.

4.  You should avoid ice-creams and cold milk.

5.  Massage your legs , thighs and feet with mustard oil or any essential oil to get                       relief.

6.  Take one tea bag or one table spoon chai patti, 1 spoon fennel seeds, 1/2 spoon                     sugar, 1 large cardamom . Mix all ingredients well with 1 glass of water and boil in             pan for atleast 8 to 10 mins. Then strain it in a cup and drink , it is called kawa.


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Want to get rid of acne?

                                             Must try products for acne prone face

1. Neem face pack :  Neem face pack is one of the best remedy to cure acne. It also remove impurities from your face. Apply this face pack and wash it after 15 mins with normal water.

2. Best face wash : Use best face wash . From my personal experience, I would like to suggest one of the best face wash ( La roche posay ). You can buy this face wash from any online website like amazon.

3. Aloe vera gel : Yes, Aloe vera gel. This acts as a miracle for your acne face. You can apply aloe vera gel of any brand you like, if you have aloe vera plant then you can apply fresh aloe vera gel also . Apply this daily .


Best DIY’S for acne prone face

1. Take one table spoon of pure chandan or multani mitti , aloe vera gel and honey. Mix all ingredients and make a paste . Now you can apply pack on your face .  Follow this thrice a week.

2. May be you know,  drinking atleast 14 glass of water is the best way to cure acne. But very few people follow this. If you really want to get rid of your acne,  you must drink water atleat 10-14 glass of water.

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do you want long hair?

If you are the one who loves to have long hair, then you are at right place . let me tell you super awsome ways to grow your hair fast , i mean super fast . Following are some ways:

  1. oiling ( kalonji and almond) : This is the one of the most important thing you need to follow, yes oiling your hair with specially almond oil . if you want to grow hair very fast then you can apply kalonji oil also . This oil acts as a miracle . Apply oil twice or thrice a week. you should apply oil for one hour over to your scalp area by parting your hair. After one hour you can wash your hair.
  2. Aloe vera gel: From my personal experience, i would like to share this point with you all . Trust me aloevera gel is just superfantastic . If you apply aloevera gel to your scalp area even for 1 hour then wash your hair , your hair will become so soft . You can add aloevera gel with oil and make a thick paste and can apply to your scalp. After one month you will start feeling changes.
  3. Braided pony tail:  Apart from oiling and gel , braided pony tail also helps to grow your hair fast. You can make braided style before sleeping , that will your hair strong , healthy and automatically leads to growth of your hair.
  4. Healthy diet:  Take proper diet as it plays main role . Your daily lifestyle also matters in case of your hair growth. Take proper sleep , eat health food and ofcourse, drink atleast 10 glass of water daily .


So these are some following ways that can make your hair healthy and grow fast.

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Best food for whitening skin

There are no. Of vegetables and fruits available in market that can make your skin radiant and super whiten.

●Beetroot : take beetroot daily . It will make your skin pink and glowy .

●carrot: specially in winters , you can have carrots daily . It will remove AL your wrinkles, if  any and infact it will make your skin radiant.

● orange juice : take orange juice . It contains vitamin c . If you want to make your skin whiten.  Then you should have orange daily .

These are some foods you can have for whitening your skin .

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My youtube story

YOUTUBE is now worldwide famous social Explorer for each and everything.  For makeup, fashion , crafts , funny videos and many more. I being a daily watcher  thought of making my own channel.  I am good in crafts,  so I decided to make my youtube channel. 

After making new channel and uploading my first video . The extraordinary thoughts were going in mind . Just have a look:

● oh my God may be I will get thousands views for my first video

● I will be next youtube star in crafts network

● I’m going to earn in lakhs

But but but# I get very less views , below my expectations . That was so disheartened.  I set up all my dreams regarding youtube videos. But all failed as I uploaded more videos in the hope of getting views on any of my latest uploads . May be I’m  not the lucky one .



Our dreams

our dream world: it happens with lot many people. Example are :

1.One day I saw in my dream that I’m travelling all alone to a place which is very beautiful ,I don’t know the place name as it was a dream.

2. Some other day I saw I’m sitting in a plane and eating and talking to my child classmates which is not at all possible in real life, as it was a dream

3. One of the most repeated dream, I’m fighting ,continously  running and suddenly I fall .

4. This is most exciting one , may be it happens alot with lot many people. If in case we want a car . We will certainly dream of it and in dreams we are buying our own car and pinching ourselves whether it’s dream or reality

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